Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Idea

I have no idea on what should i write in this blog about my Melanau lifestyle anymore. I am away from home and i am surrounded by different races and cultures now. I only know one person from Dalat and lucky we still can use our mother tounge to communicate. By that way perhaps my Melanau language will not influence by other language.

When i am in other places i have to adapt to this new environment. I eat what people here eat and actually not much difference but i can't eat my favourite food--inut, bulu, umai. I can make umai but i am not really good in making one. The other things is that i don't have friends to enjoy these food with me.

I talk with my work mate about our culture. He is Bisaya from Beufort, Sabah. While we share about our background then i realize there are so many similarities. They plant paddy and sago. They live near rivers and they use nipah for house rooftop. He also paddle (using boat) to go to school. It is only our language is different. His language is more similar to Dusun. If i have time, i will plan a visit to their area and hopefully i can see their lifestyle and share here.

Now i can say that i am a Melanau Girl that exploring other cultures and traditions. Maybe out of the main topic that i want to share in this blog but maybe something interesting too. Why? Because at the same time i can compare the differences and similarities of other traditions and cultures with mine...The Melanau People.

Till then...

Bei lian na'ah ako akan menulih idak aluk pasel a liko cuma ajau ih ako jauk keman kapong jadi semuah wak nilak ko adalah adet liko a. Wak dao nyin ako kenah menak perbandingan antara adet a liko kik jegum adat telo a liko Melanau.

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