Friday, January 30, 2009

Sago Worms -- Si'et

Ako ngak bei cerita pasal si'et dagen post ko wak siew sabei tapi dibei gaber nak ko dagen ien. So, ako menak posts bao udei pasel si'et buyak ko ngak bei gaber si'et wak igek ko masa ko pulik Krismas taun sabei. Janik ko wak pinyi. Ako gagau angai debei kenah bak pa'ai mapun uma balau kamei. Janik ko pinyi bubo tekilik nyin jegum pinyi si'et alu. 

Si'et ien bak igik janik ko wak labik keman Daled ien. A sawa nyin suka keman si'et kawak. Ienlah kira buah tangan gak a sawa nyinlah ien buyak nyin dei pulik kubo kamei masa Krismas ien. Gagau kalik.

Asau pun suka angai jegum menyi'et..heheehe. Ako pun suka angai menyi'et. Makin agei mun balau wak saji mubo atang ien. Seronok alu tan matuk si'et wak nyat-nyat singen ji apah ien. Pawah tan bak menyi'et walaupun ko dei rapa suka keman si'et...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Build A New House -- Batun Kubo

Work as a team will happen if we still live in a village where people living together as a community. In a small village like where I live, the tradition “gotong-royong” is still in practice. People will help each other in any occasions such as build a new house. However, it seems to be a little bit different nowadays compare to the old times because money did play a major role. But, the people in this village are still work as a team and it inspires me.

End of last year, my parents build a small wood house at Sg. Kut Tengah and people from Sg. Kut Tengah help us to put it up. I am so thankful to the family that let us use their house as a place to prepare food and we stay overnight there. So much gratitude goes to everyone that show up on that day and use their energy to put up that small wooden house.

The spirit of working as a team is the most important things and strengthens the relations in our people community.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bergendang...A Tradition in Melanau Wedding

The crowd

The dancer and "Mak Gendang"

Preparing tea break

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speed Boat

From Sibu to reach my "kampung", there are two different transport that can be use. Speed boat is one of it and it is faster than the "boat express". However, the fare is more expensive than the "boat express". If using speed boat, it will takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach my village from Sibu and the fare is only RM25. Compare to the other one, it will takes about 3 hours with fare RM15. But the problem with speed boat is, there is only one speed boat available that reach my village. If you missed the speed boat then you have no choice, you have to use the "boat express".

The photo was taken at Sg. Kut Muara not at my kampung. This speed boat was going to Dalat Bazaar. I have the opportunity to take a photo of it so i just take a shot.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catching Cat Fish (Mengenah Tekilik)

One way of our people looking for food is setting some kind of fish traps that made from bamboo. Usually we set them up during the raining season (mostly end of the year) to catch cat fish.

The water is too shallow if there is no rain. All of the fish traps is hand made and made by my mum and my sis themselves.

The traps left overnight before check the traps on the next day. If there is rain that night, the traps will full of fishes. But sometimes we are not lucky because of other animals like snakes or civets or an owl that disturbed the traps.

Some of the harvests from the traps.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eating "Linut" During Christmas

This year i have a chance to photographed our family traditions where we will having our Christmas eve dinner and for sure we will have "linut" as our main menu.

The food was served with "ulam-ulaman" and it taste great.

Can see the little legs around and they can't wait to "attack" the food.