Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catching Cat Fish (Mengenah Tekilik)

One way of our people looking for food is setting some kind of fish traps that made from bamboo. Usually we set them up during the raining season (mostly end of the year) to catch cat fish.

The water is too shallow if there is no rain. All of the fish traps is hand made and made by my mum and my sis themselves.

The traps left overnight before check the traps on the next day. If there is rain that night, the traps will full of fishes. But sometimes we are not lucky because of other animals like snakes or civets or an owl that disturbed the traps.

Some of the harvests from the traps.


  1. People at my place use similar method to catch crabs that can be seen in market. They place the traps on the swamp area before come back 3 to 4 hours later.

  2. this is so interesting!! after my datuk passed away over a decade ago, i hardly see someone mengenah tekilik. heheeh..

  3. Rainfield61 -- Before this i saw the shape of the "bubu" is not like this but my mum modified it a little bit. But they still use bamboo as the materials.

    Ugly Benny -- susah angai agei bak mena'an bubo lian ih buyak dibei gu'un agei bak kedau pekari tekilik. Mun sabei agei ok kawak. Ienlah lian ih lo janik ko memubo gak uma balau luin singen agei.