Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eating "Linut" During Christmas

This year i have a chance to photographed our family traditions where we will having our Christmas eve dinner and for sure we will have "linut" as our main menu.

The food was served with "ulam-ulaman" and it taste great.

Can see the little legs around and they can't wait to "attack" the food.


  1. Linut (in Sarawak) and Ambuyat (in Sabah) is a sticky porridge-like type of food, made from sagu flour. It can be eaten raw, or dipped into spicy sambal belacan. Normally, linut or ambuyat is eaten during high tea or night supper .... from Wikitravel.

    I took Bubuh Caca, which has sago balls inside, this morning.

  2. Hi Rainfield61...

    Thanks for helping me to described what linut is. If we search on the net, there are quite easy to find information about linut. I think it is well-known already.

    Sago balls inside the bubr caca is delicious..:)

  3. i havent eat "inut"(melanau dalat) for quite a long time..

  4. Ugly Benny -- Masa ko belajer gak uni gak Sabah sabei pawah angai ko bak keman inut. Skali nilak, liko Sabah pun bei kawak keman inut. Lien nibah ien "ambuyat". Tapi cara lien keman debei sama ji gaya telo ji. Dao kawak nyamlah...