Thursday, January 29, 2009

Build A New House -- Batun Kubo

Work as a team will happen if we still live in a village where people living together as a community. In a small village like where I live, the tradition “gotong-royong” is still in practice. People will help each other in any occasions such as build a new house. However, it seems to be a little bit different nowadays compare to the old times because money did play a major role. But, the people in this village are still work as a team and it inspires me.

End of last year, my parents build a small wood house at Sg. Kut Tengah and people from Sg. Kut Tengah help us to put it up. I am so thankful to the family that let us use their house as a place to prepare food and we stay overnight there. So much gratitude goes to everyone that show up on that day and use their energy to put up that small wooden house.

The spirit of working as a team is the most important things and strengthens the relations in our people community.


  1. ooo..menugak kubo tibah kamei liko medong..
    tp ko x pernah pilak la..hehe..

  2. Got that experience during my younger days. But now still not so old also lah.. he..he. It's a beautiful teamwork. Started early morning before any bird makes sound (kana manok) and ends by noon where another gotong-royong (keman)started. Pawah tan ba jegem a batun kubo udei...Keep it up.

  3. hehe.... gak kampung free un bak mengedeng lebok. cuma gaji gak a subet un. mengedeng lebok biasa gotong royong a jemelai/lakei gak kpg. cuma sedia wak kan n nyaem un ;)

  4. hamster me -- menugak kubo...oo kik aluk kawak sau tibah kelo owh...debei penah pilak kaau? ako suka kawak pilak aa meramai menugak kubo..

    PPS -- Yes, it is true that in old days they use to start before the first birds songs but nowadays, they not practice it anymore. I still remember end of last year during this occasion, they started after 7 am. Birds alreay sing so many songs...heheeh

    Pawan -- Ienlah..gak kapong saji free un mun bak mengedang lebok cuma ngeluar duit bak belanja wak kan a menulong singen. Beh ien mengaji tukang lebok. Best bha, mun wak keji'ih tenerus generasi ke generasi...

  5. hi rose,
    wak ko jarang jumit kuer kubo.. hehe..

  6. I, too am inspired by the teamwork. Bless you for sharing. Andrea