Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kapong Ko (My Village)

Mun mekat awal-awal bah su mesti kenah pilak matalau bawai. Ih gaber nigek ko lian kamei pado kajuk mapun Sg. Kut.

If wake up early in the morning, the sunrise is so beautiful. This photo was taken when we were heading up to Sg. Kut.

Ih la ji gaya kubo a liko gak kapong kamei. Kubo jatak-jatak, debei ji kubo liko balah wak tenibah a kubo lalo. Lian ko pigek gaber ih anum tapuk nyat. Saji wak ujung taun selalu angai tapuk nyat gak kapong ko.
This is how Melanau's house looks like in my village. We use to have a single house not like Iban which have longhouses. This photo is taken during the high tide end of the year. It was almost every end of the year, the water level is very high.

Ako suka angai pilak gaber ih. Ih gaber gak utu bati kamei, bah abei lian mata lau ba'ai.
I really love this photo. I took this photo at our house jetty when the sunset. It was so beautiful.


  1. Wow
    Your mentioning of Sg.Kut really triggers some nostalgic moments in my life.
    When Igan and Dalat were still under the administrative control of Sibu, we use to have a pitstop at the Sg.Kut Bazaar.
    My fav. is Pulut Panggang eaten with salted duck eggs. Are these still around?

  2. Sg. Kut is more develop now. There is already road from Dalat. But, the shop is still the same wooden shoplots. I am not sure about the pulut panggang and salted duck eggs because i never seen one. Maybe i am younger generations and that foods is no longer there during my time. Hmmph..i am not sure too..