Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Making Of Sago (Menak Bulu)

I am not sure how to explain this in English but this is where the combination of sago starch, coconut milk, paddy dust that has been mixed up to be roasted. Oh my! I am not sure what is the ingredients that we use to make the sago (this is the other traditional food that we use to eat to replace rice).

As you can see, after the mix ingredients turn into small and round they move it on the oven (not sure what is this called in English, we called it "belanga"). It will roasted because of the hot temperature from the underneath.

This is the equipment that they use to make the mix ingredients into small and round size of sago.

Usually the family members (female) will help to makes sago. I was so unlucky because by the time i was born, my mom already stop making sago. She only bought it from Dalat and never makes any of it again. Maybe this is because there were no place to make it anymore. The small house that they use to make sago is not properly maintained and it was ruin by the bad weather. However, my elder brothers and sisters has an experienced with my mom and aunties making this sago. I only know how to eat and i really love to eat it with durians. Nyum..nyum..it's delicious. :)

*Ako saji dibei penah alu pilak a menak bulu. Lian ako agei umit aluk kira debei ngak mereti angai beilah mak mengan ko mapun kedau a tuak kamei gak Kg. Tanam menak bulu. Saie atang kawak ko debei penah bak tao an tan gaya a menak bulu. Ko saji suka angai keman bulu buyak keman umit angai ngak natih lo mak keman bulu. Mula-mula ko tabui sekul jauk keman kubo sabei, mak selalu memiti bulu bak pingah ko. Tapi bila dibei sakai bak keman jegum ko, alulah ko pasad debei luk pepingah agei. Mun keman ramai-ramai, alu dao angai nyam...:)


  1. You are doing a great job explaining. Thank you for sharing about your native land and thanks for visiting my blog. andrea

  2. Thanks to you too Andrea. I am trying my best and i need more practice in my writings. By the way, i like your blog and admire the way you write your post. You have done a great job. Keep posting..:)

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL post, Rose!!!! You've done an EXCELLENT job of explaining with those GREAT photos and your text.

    How INTERESTING!!! I am on a gluten-free diet and eat lots of rice. I should check into alternatives. :D

    Cheers! JJ

  4. Hi JJ,

    Thanks for visiting and your lively comments..:) Actually those photo is not mine. I get it from my brother and i am not sure where he get this photo. But the photo is real because this is the traditional way of Melanau people making sago. It is just tasteless actually and it can be eat with fruits, salted fish, roasted meat..just like rice..:)

  5. I like to take Sago with my Ice Kacang. Do you ice kacang in Sarawak?

  6. We have ice kacang in Sarawak but maybe the taste a bit different with Penang one. Sago with ice kacang? Never tried it before. Maybe it will taste just nice. I don't know too...:)

  7. Great. Something that we may not see in the future. By the way, I'm still looking for facts and fictions about 'jalur' and 'mengenyak', the process before 'menak bulu'. We still have some abandoned belian 'jalur' in Sg.Kut but how do they do it?

  8. Sakaidana...ako pun debei tao angai pasal menak bulu ih. Ako pun agei pinyi cerita wak atang pasel a menak bulu especially cara a dana sabei menak. Jalur gak kapong ko pun ngak idak wak lenyed debei tao gak ga'an agei tuju. Wak gak Sg. Kut ien ako pun debei tao angai.

    Sorry, i prefer to use Melanau because i think you are Melanau since you said in your profile you were born in Dalat..:)