Saturday, December 13, 2008

Umai - Melanau Delicacies

I like to write about foods because it makes me feel home and i can imagine how delicious it is. By the way, i want to talk about umai here. If you visit Melanau area such as Dalat, Mukah, Igan, Matu-Daro, Balingian or any other Melanau people places you will be served with this food. I am not sure if there is other ethnic groups in Sarawak that served umai as their food. It is a sliced of raw fish that marinated with "assam paya" or sometimes we use lime juice. For more information about how to prepare and how to eat this Melanau cuisine, go to this page.
Isn't it's sounds so yummy? I can make umai but maybe not really nice but i still like to eat it. Have to select the fresh fish and for sure it will taste soooo yummy.

When i study in Sabah, i have learned that Kadazan-Dusun people also have some sort of umai but they called it "Hinava". The way they prepared it a little bit different and it is so yummy too. What is the difference? I think because they put some extra ingredients in it. They mix the dried and grated "bambangan" seed into it. I am not sure what is the name of bambangan in Malay but we Melanau called it "pangin". Ok, visit this site to read more about how Kadazan people prepared their "sushi = hinava".
It was so interesting to find out that there is other groups of people actually share the same food that we have but the way we prepared it a little bit different. I really love to explore more about others culture but i still far to know about my own culture and traditions. No way! I will get whatever information that i have when i get back to my village end of this year. I will ask my mum and dad (pity my grandparents was died years ago). Sounds funny but it's my call. :)

*Pawah tan bak keman umai nak mak. Mun mak menak mesti dao angai nyam. Mana-mana ji wak nisik mak semuah dao min nyam. Hehehehe..Pulik bulan 12 ih mesti kamei berabih keman inut, umai, sabel petah...nyum nyumm....Debei saber tan agei bak pulik kapong.


  1. wow...umai..!!!
    da'o nyam...meleleh tan leng kou petaah umai...

  2. umai saji menak ko menyeged bak keman bulu kawak..hehehehe...