Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Is The Meaning of "Janik"?

There is not much vote on the questions that i ask about the meaning of "janik". In Melanau language, "janik" means siblings but if in Iban language "janik" (but a little bit different in the pronunciation) means bearded pig.

So, based on the vote, the question has been answer correctly. "Janik" means siblings.

So learn more Melanau language after this. :)


  1. 'janik' means siblings in Melanau Oya-Dalat dialect. Other Melanau dialects pronounced it as 'janak' or even more different. Sure want to know the varieties.

    Dialect Melanau (a likou) idak angai debei sama 'walaupun' sama kedau eg. Dalat... bei Medu, Dalat, Ud, Tanam, Balan, Oya etc. Debei ngak kira Mukah, Balingian, Matu, Rajang, Bintulu ... agei bei?

    What about the adat-istiadat kaum Melanau, any written version? We still don't have it in the official record of Sarawak (for legal purposes).

    Thank you, Rose, for your article. It had just begun.

  2. da uak agei blog kaau eh...keep going lah

  3. unknown
    dao sau owh?