Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sago Worms (Si'et)

As i browse through the internet i found quite a few bloggers that write about sago worms. As in Sarawak, the sago worms is the famous delicacies for Melanau ethnic and we called it si'et.

My family have our own sago plantations and we used to eat sago worms. I ate it since i was a kid but i am not really like the taste now. I still can eat it but not like when i was a kid. When i was a kid i eat it like a snack especially the deep fried one. Love to eat it with sago (bulu).

I don't have photos to show here but when i get back to my village, my mother will surely asks me to look for the sago worms. She really like to eat it. Since we have our own sago plantations so it will not that difficult to get the sago worms as long as my sisters keep the left-over of the sago tree after she harvest it for sell. Not all the sago worms taste delicious. If the sago tree is harvested when it is still young, the taste of the worms is not good but if the matured sago tree, the worms is tasty. The appearance of the worms can differentiate whether it is from young tree or matured tree. If the worms looks darker and not yellowish and shining, it is for sure from the young trees. If it is looks very fat with the yellowish shining skin, then it is from the matured trees. It taste yummy...

Here is two links that shows more about sago worms:


  1. Although I do not like to eat worm, I learn that it is protein-rich. Cannot imagine I'll eat worm.....

  2. People always mention about Sago worms. For your information there are two other types of worms that we eat. The other one is inside the log and it is more like "cacing tanah". Put the selected species of tree logs inside the water for about tree months and when the worms already inside the logs we will take it out and take the worms. It is tasty too. The other one is the moth larvae that eating the selected tree leaves. This one is really expensive. Way back in late 1990s the price for one kg is about RM60. It is not easy to find. Among these three types of worms i like the moths larvae very much. Very delicious..:)