Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Writing In English

My previous plan was to write in my mother tongue but then the knowledge can not be spread out and shared. So, i have decided to keep writing in Melanau language but only a few but will write more in English especially when it comes to information about my ethnic group, the MELANAU. I am happy if i can share more information about this small group of people. Even in Sarawak, the traditional Melanau is become smaller in numbers because of mix-marriage and the traditions is not pass down to the younger generations. I admit that me myself not knowing so much about my own culture and traditions.

So, i hope by doing some research online (articles and journals about Melanau) and looking back at my own people at my village then i can share more infromations about Melanau. Thanks for those who interested to know more about my ethnic group.


  1. Your blog is beautiful. I like reading about your area of the world. Clearly it is also one of God's favorites too!


    Keep writing.

  2. Thanks John. Thanks for reading my blog too. I am glad it gives meaning and information for others too. All is in God's hand..:)